Research Article Writing

Seminar on Research Article Writing

A one-day seminar on “Research Article Writing” was organized at Devdaha Aadarsha
Multiple Campus (DAMC) with the goal of enhancing faculty members’ research skills.
The seminar was held in response to the foster the skill and ability of faculty members for
research-focused activities and publications. DAMC took the initiative to organize this
workshop as a result of its understanding of the value of research in advancing knowledge
and fostering the institution’s overall expansion. Expert for the seminar was Dr. Karna
Rana, Dr. Prakash Sharma Poudyal and Mr. Homnath Sharma. The seminar encouraged
cooperation and knowledge sharing among the participants. Altogether faculty members
from Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campus and Kalika Campus participated in the seminar.


You can download the Full Seminar Journal from here


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