Hom Nath Sharma one of the most effective career planning strategies to use is to
simply keep yourself in the loop about any changes that are happening with your
industry. If there’s a new tool or practice that everyone’s converting to, you need
to be one of the first people to introduce this concept to your company. Continuing
your education will help keep you up to date, but it’s important to take other
measures as well. Read industry news and journals, connect with influential people
in your industry and be proactive about learning all the latest changes in your
industry. Applying effective career planning strategies to your development plan
will ensure success. It’s important to identify which of these strategies better suit
you and find ways to include them in your career plan.

It is our immense pleasure and pride to welcome all the students to our renowned
and parent academic institute, Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campus. We are a team
of self motivated, highly qualified, experienced and committed lectures with an
aim of guiding students in various levels. The team, along with the campus
management committee promise to put this institution into the summit to success
with vigorous zeal and new commitment for the better result. We are fully
dedicated to help students develop analytical skills and making them productive.
The association commits that our sole motto is oriented towards quality assurance.
The association is actively participating in various plans and policies carried out by
the college for the betterment of entire college environment. 

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Hom Nath Sharma
Public Campus Teachers’ Association Unit Committee, DAMC, Devdaha, Rupandehi