I would like to welcome you in Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campus (DAMC) situated at the lap of Churay hills and surrounded by peaceful teaching and learning environment. The college is continuously working to accomplish its visions, missions and goals. It has been devoted to provide high class quality education in education and management faculty and trying to make our students capable of facing the challenges of the modern world. We are proud that there is a high demand of our graduates with in our area and nationwide. To meet the demands of the changing world, our faculties have adopted themselves with the new and innovative teaching techniques and methodologies. The college has strong base of physical structures.

Dhurva Prasad Kharel

Chairman, Campus Management Committee

Dhurva Kharel

Chairmen, CMC

DAMC Introduction

This institution was established in 2065 BS with the endeavor of providing quality by conquering to the challenges and hardship that we face while imparting the education. To fulfill the demand of local students, we had commenced B.Ed. program in 2065 BS and BBS program in 2066 BS respectively. Since then, we are committed to provide the best academic environment for the students’ all-round development. In the same manner we are dedicated to empower citizenry offering better education to the students who will play magnificent roles to glorify the society make it exemplary place to live in.

Campus Chief - DAMC

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you all in Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campus, only one community college of the eastern belt of Rupandehi district. DAMC is an academic institution established in 2065 B.S. During the short span of time, the institution has been able to attain the set goals and objectives in the academia with an affordable cost to the target groups. It has been providing the quality education in the education and management streams for bachelor’s degree.

Now the college has founded a strong base with good infrastructures and qualified faculty members. We are committed to carry on the legacy and are striving to take the college even in greater heights. Our teaching learning activities preserve and enrich the creative learning traditions trying to become the center of excellence in our field. We are going to add the bachelor’s level programs; BBM, BHM, and BBA-F from the coming academic year and planning to conduct the master’s degree programs in both the streams.

MitraLal Neupane

Campus Chief, DAMC

Grievance Redressal Officer
Grievance Redressal Officer


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September 2023

विश्व वातावरण दिवशकाे अवसरमा क्याम्पस परिषरलार्इ प्लाष्टिक मुक्त क्षेत्र घाेषणा ।

विश्व वातावरण दिवशकाे अवसरमा Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campusदेवदह रूपन्देहीलार्इ प्लाष्टिक मुक्त क्षेत्र बनाउने अभियान अन्तर्गत एक हस्ताक्षर संकलन कार्यक्रमका साथ बाँसद्वारा निर्मित डाेकाेकाे प्रयाेग गरी

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