It is my extreme pleasure to announce that Devdaha Aadarshsa Multiple Campus (DAMC) is one and only QAA (Quality Assurance Accreditation) certified campus located in Devdaha Municipality, the north east part of Rupandehi district. We believe that ‘quest for quality’ is a never ending process. The more one attains quality parameters, the more widens the demand for the same. In this regard, we always endeavor to meet the growing needs of qualitative and globally accepted education by adopting new technologies, providing resources and developing positive attitudes. Furthermore, we welcome and instantly respond to new suggestions and innovative ideas to upgrade the quality of education at our institution. The campus is continuously working to accomplish its visions, missions and goals. It has been devoted to provide high class quality education in education and management faculty and trying to make our students capable of facing the challenges of the modern world. We are proud that there is a high demand of our graduates within our area and nationwide. To meet the demands of the changing world, our faculties have adopted themselves with the new and innovative teaching techniques and methodologies which can be declared as a quite praiseworthy initiation. I feel proud to reveal that the institution has strong base of physical structures which has played a magnificent role to impart standard education in cozy and pleasant manner.
Of course, it is our people who continue to make DAMC shine, especially our students. We are always willing to see your smiling faces with profound enthusiasm and keen interest towards study in our elegant campus.

Basudev Rimal

Chairman, Campus Management Committee

Dhurva Kharel

Chairmen, CMC

DAMC Introduction

This institution was established in 2065 BS with the endeavor of providing quality by conquering to the challenges and hardship that we face while imparting the education. To fulfill the demand of local students, we had commenced B.Ed. program in 2065 BS and BBS program in 2066 BS respectively. Since then, we are committed to provide the best academic environment for the students’ all-round development. In the same manner we are dedicated to empower citizenry offering better education to the students who will play magnificent roles to glorify the society make it exemplary place to live in.

Jaya Kisan Adhikari

Campus Chief, DAMC

As the chief of Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campus (DAMC), I extend a very warm welcome to all of you in our QAA (Quality Assurance Accreditation) certified institution by University Grants Commission(UGC) where I can assure you of quality education and dynamic administration. It is only a community campus which is situated in the eastern region of Rupandehi district and disseminating top ranking education since its establishment, i.e. 2065 B.S. Our campus caters to the specific needs of students by imparting quality education in management as well as education faculty and we are committed to add the Bachelor’s level programme like BBM, BHM, and BBA soon. Circulation of Master’s Degree program in both faculties has been remained within our plan of action. The campus has been widening its horizons in the field of pedagogical cosmos by molding competitive man powers not only locally but also globally. The motto is to develop students; personality in such a way that they not only excel in studies but are also equipped with knowledge needed to face the challenges of life and become community and society oriented. Our internal quality assurance cell monitors the standard performance on a continuous basis, so that we claim that we are unique and distinct than any other institutions. The campus is not just a platform for academic performance but it is also a community which promotes collaborative learning through community oriented activities. It is a rich blend of modern technology and traditional values. There is widespread saying that 'to grab tomorrow, you simply have to do better today'. Realizing the fact, the institution is constantly working towards its vision tirelessly. Quality management and innovation are being promoted actively. Proficiency in English and regional languages, professional and entrepreneurship skills, personality development, career guidance and social welfare are all emphasized in the realm of students. We have made the teaching students centered with a right blend of experiential learning and interactive methods in this era of globalization and growth. 

Come and join us. Discover to your immense potential and possibilities as we don’t leave any stone unturned to flourish your caliber and treasure of knowledge. With warm regards and best wishes.

Grievance Redressal Officer
Grievance Redressal Officer


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June 2024

स्नातक तह तेस्राे वर्षमा अध्ययनरत विद्यार्थीहरूकाे अायाेजनामा चाैथाे वर्षमा अध्ययनरत विद्यार्थीहरूलार्इ एक कार्यक्रमका साथ विदाइ

स्नातक तह तेस्राे वर्षमा अध्ययनरत विद्यार्थीहरूकाे अायाेजनामा चाैथाे वर्षमा अध्ययनरत विद्यार्थीहरूलार्इ एक कार्यक्रमका साथ विदाइ । Devdaha Aadarsha Multiple Campus देवदह ७, रूपन्देहीमा स्नातक तह

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